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The Unhosted AA wallet draws its strength from the modular design of the Biconomy smart account, providing developers with the capability to intricately design and integrate custom modules. This unique approach not only allows developers to shape the wallet's features according to their needs but also encourages innovation in expanding its overall functionality.

Strategy Module

Unhosted introduces Strategy Modules, enabling call and delegatecall from smart account to execute arbitrary logic. This paves the way for an array of functionalities, from automated wallets to one-click DeFi strategies, offering boundless possibilities.Strategies can be already deployed contracts from DeFi protocol contracts to custom-developed strategies. The process of adding these strategies is permissionless, allowing anyone to include the contract address in the strategy module. The Unhosted ecosystem beckons developers to explore the realm of limitless innovation and potential earnings.

Strategy Market

Unhosted features a strategy market where any strategy added to our strategy module becomes accessible in the marketplace for users. The marketplace is available once users enable the strategy module. Accumulate more fees as more users utilize your strategy. While adding strategies is permissionless, we prioritize strategy security before making them available in the marketplace for all users to use.